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Business 2 Business  

Software as a Service

Launch Gro is a easy way for people with no technical skills can get into that want to start an online business. We are a white label & reseller business offering cloud-based applications that you can sell to anyone as software as a service.



Saftwair is a company offering brand management applications to small businesses. Our software can help manage your business visibility, payments, connections, operations, booking, invoice & sales, tasks, alot more...

Digtal Media 

Family & Kids

My Kreationz is a family based audio, video and text production company with a focus on entertainment, education and harmony sryle content. We create jingles, kids songs, kids books, kids video cartoons, books, ambient study and relax music & more...



Emoshunel (Entertainment) is a music production studio with its foundation based in hip hop. The music is made off of emotional feelings, thus the name Emoshunel Wheneever I am feeling a certain way, I take that energy and put it into a song. Music is my therapy.



Vishun Media


About The Compny

Welcome to Vishun Media, your gateway to the digital media landscape! We are a digital media company with several subsidiaries operating under our name. We are a dynamic and innovative digital media company dedicated to shaping the future of content creation, distribution, and engagement. With a passion for storytelling, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to excellence, we've established ourselves as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of digital media.


About Me

My name is Van Bush and I founded & started this company. I have always had a love for computers and specifially digital media content. I love digital media content because it allows me to be creative. All of my life, I would often daydream and imagine of what things could be; and through that imagination by creating this company; it was a part of me turning my dreams into a reality.

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